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The Road to Hope supports sustainable development in Haiti. We believe that healthy and successful communities are achieved by economic, environmental and societal sustainability.

The Road to Hope supports organizations and projects that incorporate meeting the community’s energy demands while nourishing and supporting the environment. Lack of access to clean water, horrific deforestation and overuse of the land have all severely hindered Haiti’s ability to sustain its growing population. By replenishing the land and abiding by strict environmental policies moving forward, we are able to encourage long-term growth and health.

Our partner organizations will provide training for local Haitians to support and maintain the systems that run the community while helping sustain the children of Haiti. Local individuals will be trained to run schools, medical clinics, food mills, farms and water supply. By offering tools, training and support, we ensure independence, pride, self-reliance and empowerment that the people of Haiti desire and deserve.

Our goal is to empower the people of Haiti by employing them in their own communities.  With the proper resources they can accomplish their goals of supporting themselves and their families.