Richard Harris

Rich has devoted a great deal of his adult life, both personally and professionally, to endeavors related to children. He is the principal of The Harris Law Firm, the largest family law firm in Colorado, and a firm that is widely recognized for it's expertise in handling child custody matters. In addition to chairing The Road to Hope's board, Rich also serves on the boards of The Adoption Exchange, the Colorado Lawyers Committee - both organizations dedicated to improving the lives of the most vulnerable children in our communities. Rich is a well known public speaker and author, and he has received numerous awards and recognition for his public advocacy. Personally, Rich and Lisa are the proud parents of 7 wonderful children, 4 of whom were adopted internationally. Rich views leading The Road to Hope as perhaps his most important and exciting challenge, and is honored to serve alongside the other distinguished members of this board to accomplish great things for the people of Haiti, and beyond.


Lisa Harris

Co-Founder and Vice President of The Road to Hope, Lisa's passionate dedication to the children of Haiti is unmistakable. Since leaving a successful career in financial planning and sales, Lisa has turned her focus to community organizations that help children. She has volunteered for numerous causes that have fostered real change in the lives of children, including the Adoption Exchange, Ronald McDonald House, and the parent organization of her community school, among many others. Simply put, Lisa's energy, organizational skills, and relentless drive to get people to open their hearts to the most vulnerable in our society is the driving force of our organization.

 Jean Mensendick

Jean, a resident of Evergreen Colorado serves as the Secretary to the Board. As a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner she was Director of Newborn Services for the Denver Birth Center and taught techniques to teachers, parents and elementary age children to prevent child abduction and abuse. A 20 year volunteer with the local youth group, The Westernaires, she currently serves as Curator for the Orrin C. Curtiss Westernaire Museum in Jefferson county. She also served as Vice President and director of Human Resources for Compass Marketing & Sales for 18 years. Her lifelong commitment is to giving back to the world community through active volunteerism in political, social and humanitarian causes. Favorite quote: You leave this world, holding in your hands only that which you have given away.




Guy Lansdown

Guy was born in Zimbabwe and grew up in South Africa. Guy and his wife, Nicola, first moved to Denver in 1990. Together with their sons, Jason and Ryan, they have also lived in Indonesia, Adelaide (Australia), Peru and Perth (Australia). These experiences gave the family an appreciation for diverse cultures and a desire to try to improve the lives of children in Third World countries. They now regard Denver once again as their home. Guy is currently a consultant to the mining industry. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Project Management from the University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa. Guy is excited to be a part of The Road To Hope because it supports his family’s long term goal of helping children in developing countries.





Jeff Simpson

A desire to combine his international degree with a love for travel caused Jeff to join a food and medical mission February of 2008.  After touring numerous orphanages and schools, Jeff decided to combine his interest in community service and love for children with a new found love of Haiti.  Jeff lives in Colorado with his wife, has two children and is in process of adopting a daughter from Haiti.  He is a Global Account Manager for AT&T, has a Masters in International Management/MBA from the American Graduate School of International Management--Thunderbird.




Ray Berrouët

Ray is Haitian-American ( both his mother and father are from Haiti) and proud of his heritage.  His parents immigrated to the US where he was born.  He has lived in the US, Haiti and Germany.  His wife, Nicolette, is first generation American with German and Swiss parents who also immigrated to the US.  His multi-cultural back ground helps him understand how to work with various people and bring them together.  He holds a Bachelor's Degree from the College of Charleston in French Literature and is a Director of Retail Sales with Orient-Express.  Ray is excited for the opportunity to give back to the country that shaped him by helping her people.

Bryan Hickel

Bryan Hickel is a financial advisor with Merrill Lynch, located in their Cherry Creek office.  He spent 10 years working as a film executive in Los Angeles prior to receiving an MBA with a concentration in finance and investment management from Georgetown University in Washington DC.  He came to Merrill Lynch from Wells Fargo’s Private Bank, where he worked as a relationship manager for high net-worth individuals and families.  
Bryan is passionate about travel and has visited 50-plus countries.  He has lived in Spain, Guatemala and Argentina.  His latest journeys were to India and Turkey.  Here in Colorado, he skis almost every weekend during the season and enjoys hiking, golf, biking and mountain climbing during the summer.  He is a voracious reader and a mediocre guitar player.  
Bryan lives in Denver with his wife, Kelly.  They share a strong commitment to community involvement and international engagement.  Bryan and Kelly enjoy nothing more than hosting an evening of good food and great conversation.


Jesse Schumacher

Via international construction, graduate and undergraduate degrees in Spanish and International Business and simply travelling for fun, Jesse has lived, studied, worked and visited many parts of the World. Currently, as Director of Operations for Colorado Academy, and raising a family of his own, Jesse's roots are firmly planted.  His thirst for foreign culture and making a difference have brought him to The Road to Hope.  Jesse's hands-on skills make him a valuable asset to our team.  He brings with him 15+ years of construction experience, in-depth knowledge of gardening, composting and small-scale farming, and a firm understanding of the role culture plays in getting things accomplished overseas.  We look for Jesse to guide our efforts in Haiti with all things buildable.


Stuart Mills

Stuart has been an educator for over 20 years and currently is a high school English teacher at Colorado Academy (CA) in Denver, CO, where he is co-director of the Haiti Program along with current RTH board member Jesse Schumacher. For RTH, he oversees the Student Advisory Board, a group of students who have travelled to Haiti with the CA program who are helping to research sustainability issues for RTH projects. He has directed international student travel programs in Belize and Haiti and taught abroad in London. He also directed a multi-disciplinary environmental studies program at the University of Denver, focusing on sustainable development. Since a life-changing trip to Haiti in 2012, he is now dedicated to helping promote education in Haiti through RTH. He lives in Denver with his wife Josie, a community college professor and his two boys, Spencer and Jordon, ages 9 and 11. His family loves to travel, and he devotes his free time to fly fishing and spending time with his family. He hopes soon that he'll be able to take his boys on a trip to Haiti to inspire the same love of this beautiful place in them.