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April 2012 - Denver Attorneys Continue Work In Haiti

We traveled to Nordette, Haiti, November, 2012, with the Denver school, Colorado Academy. They have a wonderful program whereby students of Colorado Academy are encouraged to identify global needs and serve in projects to help educate and improve living conditions for those in need. They have a ‘partner school’ in Haiti and six teachers and administrators traveled with Rich Harris (founder of Road To Hope) and his son, Zachary, to Nordette, Haiti. Click the link to read more about that trip and the projects Global Health Connections and The Road To Hope and are involved in.

New Hope in Nordette- November 2012

We had an incredibly informative trip. Many areas we visited have shown such improvement. We noticed a lot more overall street cleanup and new businesses selling their wares. Much different from before. City of Mathone was bustling with activity and you could see evidence of property and business stability. We visited family homes with toured Mirebalais with Pere Jeanot. His signature school is Ecole St. Pierre and he has incredible insight in how schools can be built and supported.

Delmas Project

Road To Hope is excited to be working with the Delmas School near Port Au Prince. Partnering with the 'Hope For Haiti's Children' organization, we will proceed with the completion of a retaining wall behind the nursing school facility.

>> Read more and see photos Delmas Project

Mathone School

Mathone School serves as a template for future progress in other desperately poor communities. This newly finished project is a school five days a week and community center and church on weekends.

>> Read more and see new photos of November, 2011 trip to Haiti

Mathone School nearly finished!
And the difference between now and the condition when we began is simply unbelievable!
 Read more and see before and after photos

Access to clean water is a luxury in Haiti
It is difficult to imagine spending a good deal of your day searching for and hauling water to your loved ones. Road To Hope is proud to be a part of making clean water available to families.  Read more

Rich and Lisa Harris recently returned from Haiti.  While there, we accomplished many things. 

The closing for the land for Nouvo Vilaj is eagerly awaited.  We spent a fair amount of time on the 5 acre plot in Archahaie.


The stories about Haiti that break his heart

DENVER - Six months after a series of earthquakes devastated Haiti, Rich Harris is appalled by what he's seen.

"It's really shocking. There are, by some estimates, close to a million orphans in Haiti. It's worse today
than perhaps it's ever been. It's up to the people in 
this country to get something done...

The Road to Hope visits Haiti 6 Months after Quake
October 11th in the Streets of Port-au-Prince

Returning to Haiti today, I was filled with pessimism.  When there in June, I was literally sickened by the lack of progress I saw more than six months since the Quake.  I expected to see more of the same - city streets clogged by rubble, mountains of trash, and the unforgettable and shameful spectacle of thousands upon thousands of tents covering the hillsides in and around the Capitol. >>READ MORE

Curing a Country, One Soccer Ball At A Time

Once upon a time, someone said: "Love is like an earthquake- unpredictable, a little scary, but when the hard part is over you realize how lucky you truly are." On January 12, 2010, a 7.0 earthquake shook the land of Haiti, a small country located in the Caribbean. CNN News believes nearly 100,000 people died in the devastating quake. Immediately, countries all over the world lent a hand to this country in need of food, shelter, water, and most importantly their families. Many nations put forth rescue missions and recovery squads.

This is the story, not of two countries, but of two American children who are aiding Haiti in their own special way. >>READ MORE

The Harris family had the opportunity to
thank Governor Bill Ritter for his great
efforts on behalf of the orphans in Haiti.
We truly appreciate all that the Governor
and his administration accomplished for
the kids!

On March 25th, 2010, the Colorado House and Senate both unanimously passed a resolution calling on the citizens of the State of Colorado to support charities supporting Haiti, including The Road to Hope, and imploring the return of the remaining Haiti orphans to American homes to whom they are matched.
It was quite a moving sight to see dozens of Colorado’s top elected representatives once again stand united with the people of Haiti.  While we fear that the urgency of our cause is fading in the thoughts of many, today’s public event served as a stark reminder that there are many good people who still deeply care about what is right for our neighbor to the south.

On behalf of our families and The Road to Hope, we extend our deepest gratitude to State Representative Joe Rice and to State Senator Linda Newell who introduced the resolution before their respective chambers.   Each of these leaders were incredibly gracious and eloquent in their speeches in support of the resolution, and we feel confident that today made a big difference to the children of Haiti.  

To read the full text of the resolution, click here.
Earthquake cripples Haiti's Capital



Jan. 13: A 7.0-magnitude earthquake cripples Haiti’s capital, Port-au-Prince, leaving numerous people dead and injured.

The Road to Hope has immediately shifted efforts to provide emergency relief supplies in response to the devastation in and around Port au Prince.  The victims of yesterdays earthquake are in immediate need of clean water, medicines and food supplies.  We are accepting cash donations and will make sure the money is used to get these much needed supplies to the people of Haiti.  We will continue to update our site with any and all information we have about the victims and the relief efforts. 

Thank you for helping the people of Haiti during this tragic time!

Rich and Lisa Harris

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Watch Lisa Harris speak about her passion for The Road to Hope

Update on the needs in Haiti post-Jan 12th:

According to a study by the Inter-American Development Bank:
•  At 200,000-250,000 people killed, this disaster claimed more lives as a percentage of a country’s population of any recorded disaster than any other;
At up to $13.2 billion in estimated damages, it may be the most destructive disaster that a single country has ever experienced;
• 10 years after the disaster, it is estimated that Haiti’s economic output is likely to be 30% lower than it otherwise would have been.