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"Thank you for helping the children of Haiti."

Thank you for considering getting involved with The Road to Hope. There are many ways to get involved with the work we are doing in Haiti. Below are a few ideas. Please email us with any interest in helping.



- Collect used digital gadgets at your school, work place, rec center or other. We will send you the box to collect the gadgets. Once the box is full, simply fold up, mail to BuyMyTronics, and they will send Road to Hope a check for the used devices. Then we will send you an additional box. This is a super easy way to help!



Host a Fundraising Party.

The Road to Hope has many event materials and will send a couple of members to join a party hosted by you.



Join a committee to help with any number of things.

Sustainability, water treatment, sustainable gardening, building and architecture, septic systems, micro loans for people hoping to work, job training in Haiti, etc.



Collections for the villages in Haiti.

We do NOT collect clothes, shoes or toys for the people in Haiti. We do, however, collect non-GMO seeds for gardening and some other gardening supplies.



Do a fundraising drive at your school or place of business.

Again, we have materials we can send for you to use. All donations made by your group would be tax deductible as long as checks are made out to The Road to Hope.


For more information, please email Lisa at