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Rich and Lisa Harris recently returned from Haiti.  While there, we accomplished many things. 

The closing for the land for Nouvo Vilaj is eagerly awaited.  We spent a fair amount of time on the 5 acre plot in Archahaie.


The mountains on one side, ocean on the other, the many trees, including many plaintain trees, the small river on one side, the quiet neighborhood surrounding the land all make for a wonderful setting for an orphanage, school and medical clinic.  It was very exciting to stand on the site and imagine all of the folks who will be helped by having Nouvo Vilaj located there.  So many jobs will be available for the many local folks that showed up, wondering why we were there.  The many children in the area will have a school to attend and a medical clinic to receive assistance from.




In addition, The Road to Hope collected approximately 150 soccer balls which were handed out to children in various communities.  The children were so happy to receive a ball. And the lovely thing about the balls is that one or two balls can give pleasure to so many children in one area.  It was great to see the kids run to play, ball in hand!